wood-926724_1280 - CopyWant more space in your home for the children to play or your very own private area for movies? Your cellar doesn’t need to be a creepy place full of spider webs over cold hard concrete.Contrary to popular belief, there are many great wood flooring which are acceptable for below-grade installation. These products are fully warrantied and backed up by the fabrication. Lets begin turning that old dreary basement into a cozy family room, media room, bedroom, or den.

The Truth

Realizing your basement can be anything you would like. A good place to begin is from the ground up beginning with the new flooring. At this point you may be asking, well what type of flooring should I select for my cellar? Most engineered hardwood flooring are suitable for installation in the basement. This is only because engineered flooring are designed to withstand higher moisture areas and may be installed directly over concrete without needing to build a brand new plywood sub-floor. The most common installation method employed over concrete is floating setup. This sort of installation only employs a cushioned underlayment and the engineered hardwood is free-floating over the pad.

The Design
We know a bit about the technical elements, lets look at the best fashions for the basement. Although much of this depends on how your new rooms will be utilized, it is often a fantastic idea to select a lighter colour engineered timber to brighten up an area without much natural lighting. After your new floors are installed, take a look at some light paint and fixtures to enhance the appearance and feel of your new living area. Adding nice floor covering into your cellar can be one of the most cost effective tactics to creating a wonderful living space without the expense of creating an addition to your property.

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